Lowe's Quick Ship Vanities

Plan & Design Your Space

To plan a well-organized design, keep these important spacing considerations in mind.

  • Accurate measurements are important. Measure once and then measure one more time.
  • For standard building code compliance it's good to have at least 18" between the cabinet edge and the center of the toilet.

  • Your flooring may or may not extend all the way under your vanity. Be sure to check!
  • Be mindful of your plumbing location. It's important to ensure that plumbing will not interfere with the position of your drawers.

  • Fillers may be needed when installing cabinets next to a wall; keep this in mind for door molding clearance.
  • Your filler width will also have an impact on the width of your vanity top. ( see image below)

Feature Section

Product Section

The Villa Bath Floor Hutch is a unique cabinet that stands 41.75" tall and adds depth and personalization to your cabinet layout. It staggers the height of your cabinet layout when paired with other cabinets at 33 1/5" high as shown in the image.

What is included with the Floor Hutch?

  • A loose wood top is included with the product. It can be switched out to a vanity top if that is preferred. In the image below a vanity top has been used.
  • (2) Flush-Fit End Panels are also included to finish both sides of the cabinet. The cabinet will be shipped with unfinished sides.
  • (2) Loose shelves are also included.

    12'' Contertop Hutch
    12'' W x 12'' D 36'' D

    12'' Floor Hutch
    12'' W x 21.5'' D x 41.75'' H

The Counter Top Hutch can be set on top of the Villa Bath Floor Hutch (as pictured above) for added storage and unique style. It also can be set on the counter top or mounted to the back wall depending on preference. Don't forget to order Crown Molding to finish off this great storage cabinet; crown molding it is sold separately.

What is included with the Countertop Hutch?

  • (2) Loose shelves are included
  • (2) Flush-Fit End Panels are also included to finish both sides of the cabinet. The cabinet will be shipped with unfinished sides.

Helpful Product Information

    Base Flush-Fit End Panels

  • Villa Bath cabinets are shipped with unfinished sides.
    If you have any cabinets that will have an exposed side, a Base Flush-Fit End Panel(s) will be automatically added based on what wall location you have selected. The Base Flush-Fit End panel will ship loose for you to finish the exposed side of your cabinet. Decorative End Panels can be place on top of a Base Flush-Fit End Panel for a finished look.

    Wall on right
    Wall on left
    Free standing

    Base Flush-Fit End Panel
    Order for any exposed side of Vanity Base or Drawer Bank in a configuration

    Linen Flush-Fit End Panel Kits

  • Linen Cabinets are shipped with unfinished sides.
    Villa Bath Linen Cabinets ship in two pieces. One Upper Linen Flush-Fit End Panel will be shipped with your Linen Cabinet purchase for most installations. If you have an additional exposed side on the Linen Cabinet, then a Linen Flush Fit End Panel Kit will be automatically added to your order based on your wall location selection. They kit contains all of the loose items shown below.

    The kit will include (3) pieces:
    (1) Upper Flush-Fit End Panel
    (2) Lower Flush-Fit End Panel
    (3) Molding piece

    Example of when a Linen Flush-Fit End Panel Kit would be needed: (for open side)

    Standard & Linen Fillers

  • When cabinets are placed next to walls, a filler can be used to separate the cabinet from the wall to prevent the doors or drawers from rubbing, fill small gaps or to avoid collision with door molding. Standard and Linen Fillers can be cut down to size to fit space requirements. Add fillers onto your order if they are needed for your layout.

    Mirrors & Bath Storage Cabinets

  • Don't forget to order a matching Villa Bath Mirror over your cabinets or a Bath Storage Cabinet to store small bathroom essentials.

    Crown & Scribe Moulding

  • Crown moulding is the perfect finishing touch for Linen and Hutch cabinets as shown in the image above. It provided a decorative look and gives your cabinets a polished touch. Scribe moulding is great for filling small gaps where cabinet meet the wall and floor. Add molding to your order for extra style and final touch.

    Marquee Vanity Base

  • Some Villa Bath cabinet configurations include the Villa Bath signature Marquee Vanity. The top of the vanity bumps out making the depth 23". When ordering a vanity top, submit an installed cabinet layout to the vanity top vendor you plan to use; this will ensure a proper fit.