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Villa Bath FAQ, Customer Service Info, Care & Cleaning & Warranty

Do Villa Bath cabinets have finished sides?

Villa Bath cabinets are shipped with unfinished sides.

If you have any cabinets that will have an exposed side, a Base Flush-Fit End Panel(s) will be automatically added to the order based on what wall location you have selected. The Base Flush-Fit End panel will ship loose for you to finish the exposed side of your cabinet. Decorative End Panels can be placed on top of a Base Flush-Fit End Panel for a more decorative look.

Linen Cabinets are shipped with unfinished sides.

Villa Bath Linen Cabinets ship in two pieces. One Upper Linen Flush-Fit End Panel will be shipped with your Linen Cabinet purchase. If you have an additional exposed side on the Linen Cabinet, then a Linen Flush Fit End Panel Kit will be automatically added to your order based on your wall location selection. The kit contains all of the loose items shown below.

The kit will include (3) pieces:
(1) Upper Flush-Fit End Panel
(2) Lower Flush-Fit End Panel
(3) Molding piece

Example of when a Linen Flush-Fit End Panel Kit would be needed: (for open side)

Do the cabinets arrive pre-assembled all together as shown in the pictured line art?

The cabinets will arrive to the store as individual cabinets; not assembled all together like it is shown in the image below. The line art image represents the assembled configuration with all parts put together and installed. The packing slip that ships with the order will list the individual items that make up the pre-configured set.

Example of a cabinet image:

How do Fillers work?

Fillers are used between cabinets, against walls and as decorative accents. Fillers are 3" wide and can add a unique look to the bathroom layout. When cabinets are placed next to walls, a filler can be used to separate the cabinet from the wall to prevent the doors or drawers from rubbing, fill small gaps or to avoid collision with door molding. Standard and Linen Fillers can be cut down to size to fit space requirements. Add fillers onto your order if they are needed for your layout.

*Please note: If a Standard or Linen filler is needed, please add it to the order in Step 5.

How do Fillers work?

Is there a signature cabinet for Villa Bath?

Yes there is a signature cabinet. Some of the cabinet configurations include the Villa Bath signature Marquee Vanity. This elegant vanity will be the focal point of the bathroom with a decorative header that bumps out making the depth 23". When ordering a vanity top, submit an installed cabinet layout to the vanity top vendor you plan to use; this will ensure a proper fit.

How long does it take to get cabinets?

Cabinets are delivered to your store in 21 days. In Alaska and Hawaii allow for 28 days.

What are the cabinet finish choices?

Villa Bath offers 4 finishes in three unique door styles:

  • Monroe, Raised Panel door style is available in Cognac, Java, and Canyon.
  • Sanabelle, Shaker door style is available in Cognac and Java.
  • Catalina door style is available in White only.

What is the warranty?

Villa Bath base cabinets have a limited lifetime warranty.

Mirrors and accessories have a limited five year warranty.

See warranty page

Are custom size cabinets available?

Villa Bath Cabinets cannot be custom ordered but several configurations are available to accommodate almost any configuration and space requirement.

Is hardware included?
Are the handle holes drilled?

Handle hardware is not included and the holes are not pre-drilled. This allows selection of hardware based on preference.